• We provide message for the client looking to capture attention. These signage can be easily adapted to your business's need and varied daily as you wish.

Competitive Price

  • We set highly competitive prices for all our products, with a dedicated purchasing team keeping a close eye pricing and market trends.

Installation And Delivery

  • Lorry / Van transport or courier services provided for nationwide delivery.


  • We can create and customize your products in any dimension, type or quality of paper or colour scheme that you choose. As a business owner, it very important to co-ordinate all of your printed item. We can even show you how the different layouts will look at your premises by superimposing artwork over a photograph of your premises. Provide a large range of printing services.


  • Our invoices and forms can be in any style or format of your choosing, making it easy to complete your day-to-day banking and responsibilities for taxing. The invoices can be numbered, small or large and come with a contact sheet allowing for multiple copies of the same invoice. Our customized envelopes and letterheads can have as much or as little graphic/text as you would like, from full-sized watermarked pictures to a small logo with your business's name and address. It's all about what you would like for your stationery.

IGS Digital provides a complete range of printing solutions for businesses and organisations. 

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